Free apps for entrepreneurs – 12 android apps

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This blog is about free apps for entrepreneurs.

These apps can help you create your business empire with ease! Explore more here!

Startup News

free android apps for entrepreneurs

Need startup ideas or want to know about new startups out there then this is the app for you. This app fetches startup news from many startup news sources and provides in one single app. No need to visit their websites it’s easy to read the article from app. You can even star a news to read it later.

Money view

When you are an entrepreneur then you should stay up to date with your Financial information. This app here makes it simple for you. It doesn’t have access to your bank accounts but simply reads your SMS and provides an effective way of viewing your expenses and savings.

It also has a feature of bill remainders which reminds you to pay your bill on time.

free apps for entrepreneurs

Any do

Keeping track of things is a hard stuff of new entrepreneurs, this app lets you create tasks and keep track of them so you don’t miss them. It can be accessed in all platforms like smart phone, tablet, desktop, etc. so there is no chance that you are going to miss your task.

Speech recognition, Calendar integration, share task and attaching files/notes makes this app complete

free apps for entrepreneurs


This is a well know social media platform. It is the best Professional networking app for upcoming entrepreneurs. Not only that LinkedIn search is one of the top tools to find your potential customers.

free apps for entrepreneurs

Daily Hunt

free apps for entrepreneurs

This app lets you to keep track of news around you from your favorite newspaper. Not only that you can purchase e-books and read them whenever you want them it is stored in your device. There are lot of free books too. This is combination of news and E-book which makes it unique.


This too a well-known app for cloud storage to access your files across all devices. The easy user interface and file sharing options makes this app an important for entrepreneurs. Initially 2GB storage space is free. Need to buy if you need more space. If not, you can refer your friends to increase space.

free apps for entrepreneurs


free apps for entrepreneurs

In today’s world the 2 most common problems that smartphone users face is running out of storage space and battery. These problems affect entrepreneurs too. This app here will make your phones battery last longer and to manage your storage space which increases yours phones performance.


Managing your company’s social media posts has become a tuff work now-a-days as you have to concentrate on multiple platforms. Being active in all the media is a difficult work. This app does the tricks to manage your social accounts easily also auto schedule option makes this the best app in the app market.




Again a well-known app which takes notes to next level, even with competitors such as microsoft’s one note and googles keep the Evernote still the top app. The ultimate goal of the app is to makes notes highly organized way which makes the information easily accessible by users.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Accessing files such as excel, word, ppt etc. in mobile is still a problem? then download this app. Even though there are other apps out there which can perform similar functions this app stands out as this is the market leader. The formatting and other functions that Microsoft provider are far better than other service providers.


Microsoft Outlook

Being an entrepreneur we receive many emails, sorting them and organizing them is still a dream for many out there. Outlook is the powerful tool which organizes the emails effectively with the help of the rules function. Also you can configure multiples email in this app so you can check only one app for all your email accounts.



With so many online accounts and their passwords in your mind feels like there is no space for any new information to be stored. A solution for this problem is this app. A single app to store all your passwords to you just have to remember one password.


Hope these free apps for entrepreneurs were helpful for you. Greetings from BHIVE!

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