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Refer a Friend


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Refer a Friend


Rewards for you & referred company

What is BHIVE Referral Program?

Whether you are a member, tenant, vendor, employee, or a supporter of BHIVE, you can be part of BHIVE Referral Program by referring us a company that is looking for office

To refer tenant email us at or call us at +91-95386-77774 or fill the form below

To get more details on the program send a mail to

BHIVE Referral Program

Find your friend a space in BHIVE. Both, your company/you and referred company, will get a 25% discount on monthly rent or a gift card worth the equivalent value.

How does it work?

If member A refers B, 25% of B’s 1st month’s membership rent is given as a discount (or a gift card worth equivalent value) to both A and B.

Example: Member A has referred B. Monthly membership fee of B is ₹ 200,000. Then A and B both will get a discount of 25% of ₹200,000, which is ₹50,000 discount. Or, A and B each get a gift
card of ₹50,000.

Member A will be awarded the discount or equivalent gift card after B has completed payment against their 1st full month’s invoice, signed the membership agreement and moved in to BHIVE.

*Terms and Conditions Click Here

Contact Details:
Phone –+91-95386-77774
Email –

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