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Building landlords / owner’s can own Coworking Space Franchise Business as Landlord & can offer their property to start BHIVE coworking franchise for multiple benefits and also explore investing in office interiors to own the Coworking business to get higher returns compared with normal monthly rentals.

Why Owners/Landlords offer their property to BHIVE?
* Stable higher rental income on your property for long term
* Earn high returns on your investment with an IRR > 50%
* Appreciation of your property value & it becomes a landmark building
* Franchisee completely managed and operated by BHIVE
* Landlord is not involved in daily activities and running of workspace
* Property will be well-maintained as per BHIVE standards
* Well-known branded companies will be occupying your property
* Complete investment recovered in 1.5 yrs


– Preferred commercial property size is 8,000 sq.ft of carpet area and above.
– Our preferred location are in prominent areas where there is a good demand for office spaces.

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