Punit Soni – A fire chat by BHIVE!

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All day long on the 10th of May, BHIVE Workspace was humming with activity.

The bees were all hustle and bustle, putting all things in place for the Fire Side Chat with Punit Soni. The Marketing team was marketing, the Operations team was operating, the Design team was designing and the Executives were executing, while the rest were resting. An air of activity festivity overwhelmed the HIVE of S6, and its, splendour, infectious as it was, billowed into the hearts and minds of the spectators and participants rushing to the rooftop to listen to Punit.

Punit Soni at BHIVE Workspace

Punit Soni at BHIVE Workspace

The man of the hour

There was orange juice and chips put out to award all those who made the arduous journey up the five flights of stairs. A station was coyly placed on the third floor to spur and motivate the audience and the participants that poured into the HIVE of S6.

Punit was at the HIVE of S6 by 4:00 pm making conversations and bestowing his experience to journalists, BHIVE members, entrepreneurs and anybody bold enough to approach him. He was, in all sense, all sweetness and light, addressing and replying heartily to all. Our wonderful moderator for the evening, Aditi Shrivastava, was walking on air, smiling and beaming from ear to ear, glad to be an irreplaceable piece of the evening.

punit soni

Punit Soni and Aditi Shrivastava

At 6:30 the chats, talks and dialogues rose and the crowd was in rapture for the next two hours, honing their auricles at the fount of all knowledge and wisdom at event. Punit shared his views on products, product management, his experiences, his expertise, the current state of our country’s affairs. In terms of opportunity, product landscape, dearth of innovation – the startup ecosystem, investment pockets, next-generation technology and a lot, LOT more. The audience, the bulk of whom were startup lovers, posed a great many questions, doubts, inquiries and opinions to Punit. And to every single one of them, he responded with far-sighted solves and solutions notched from years of experience and expertise resting within him. His responses and his answers scattered a profusion of knowledge that provoked thought, shattered misconceptions, built conceptions and above all inspired!_DSC1729


His words inspired a gathering of 200 aspiring, accomplished, struggling and promising individuals. To cease opportunities, take risks, to desire to be dissimilar, to kindle desire to change, dash towards that which is yet to be invented, yet to be innovated. And that spark caused by him was worth all the gold in Eldorado.



To end, we leave you with his words:

“I see value, I see a market. I see prospect here. It’s inevitable! A world class product. A world class company, built on the soil of our country and the sweat of our countrymen.”

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