Dr. Rohini Katoch Sepat, IPS with Shradha Sharma @ BHIVE Buzzfest

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Transcript of conversation between DCP Dr. Rohini Katoch Sepat and Shradha Sharma during BHIVE Buzzfest event of 1st May 2020

● It is a novel challenge for the Police to manage the city and the residents amidst the COVID. We have seen riots and other kinds of negative things that we have dealt with. But this is something really new for us.

● Both my parents being doctors it was a natural choice for me to study medicine. But eventually, I wanted to be part of the bureaucratic system to be able to make decisions and impact. We can be outside the system and keep complaining, but I wanted to get into the system and change it. I am very grateful I was able to get here and I can’t think of any other way my career could have been better.

● People will have to stay home and not step out unnecessarily as that is the only way to combat this virus.

● It is great to see the spirit of people as many have come forward to help the Police and other people.

● My time is really non-existent during the Corona times

● Police do want to be loved by the public, but we have to be like a strict parent, we cannot give up that role.

● On the question of why the startup community hasn’t got enough passes. Right now work has to take a back seat, we want fewer people on the road. I am sure startups will look at innovative means and find a way out.

● With the question of being both doctor and police officer, it is helping her manage the COVID19 situation. Being a doctor gives me a good perspective of the virus, how it is going to multiply, what the future might look like. And more importantly, what my doctor colleagues are thinking right now. We all have to work together and fight this out.

● On fake news that gets spread through WhatsApp and Social Media. Do not forward anything unless you know that it is true, by forwarding you are taking ownership of the message. Tomorrow you could face liabilities if you end up spreading fake news

● Police have taken different initiatives to distribute food and ration bags. Also to educate street vendors about the virus and help people in emergency situations.

● With the help of technology and startups, Bengaluru Police has mapped all the small and big Kirana stores in South Bengaluru. The people don’t have to go far and all the essentials are available.

● Bengaluru Police is using Drones extensively to monitor the situation. This is another great example of technology that is being adopted by the police force. Now one constable can use drones and do the work that many constables used to do in the past in a traditional way.

● Bengaluru Police use WhatsApp extensively. There are about 70 WhatsApp groups across police stations. About 5000 to 6000 people are directly in touch with police through WhatsApp from food distributions to volunteers, etc

DCP Rohini Katoch Sepat

Full Video of the Rohini Katoch Sepat session available at Bhive Workspace Facebook Page

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