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In today’s context, networking is much more than just an exchange of information or building contacts. Most organizations encourage their people to incorporate this into their everyday lives. But have you ever wondered if practising networking is as easy as it sounds? Because the first thought that comes to one’s mind is, how can I randomly walk up to a person and start a conversation? It might be awkward!

In a traditional office, extra efforts have to be taken by the HR Department to engage their employees in activities that encourage the feeling of community. Having a networking event for community engagement does wonders. It gives people an opportunity to interact with each other and build their networks.

About Community Thursday

One such event organized by BHIVE Workspace is – ‘Community Thursday’.  It is also popularly known as CT in our premises. It serves as one of the best platforms for networking with your fellow co-workers within your hub. CT is organized to make the workplace more fun and engaging. All our members benefit from this as they are exposed to a wide pool of knowledge around them under the same roof.

Community Thursdays are organized on any one Thursday of every month across all locations to introduce new members of the month. To introduce them, we conduct a ‘Welcome Parade’ where the new member companies have to speak a little about themselves. The main motive of this is to get people together and help them interact, getting them to break the ice.

CT provides a perfect platform for old and new members to network over food and games. This provides a recreational session to take time off from their busy work schedules. Offering a variety of beverages and delicious little snack treats becomes an added incentive for the members. It encourages people to share their thoughts about their business ideas, hobbies and talents.

We started organising CT’s way back in 2014 and it has been running successfully ever since. BHIVE believes that virtual networking is good but face-to-face connections are even better. Even though the company offers a provision for online community for networking, the personal touch is not experienced. CT helps build this connection and fosters a sense of togetherness and being part of one huge community.

So how do the Community Managers decide what should be the next theme at the next ‘Community Thursday’? Well, they decide based on the demographics of the workspace. For example, if there are more women working than men, they may decide to keep an activity where women feel more interested. Other examples are checking if there are more start-ups compared to mid-sized companies or more millennials compared to senior people, etc. Accordingly host the event to keep everyone interested and engaged.

One such memorable CT event held at BHIVE was when the XBOX and Dance contest was held at the HSR Sector 6 centre. People enjoyed the CT through and through because of the fun gaming experience. Hence, it is important to keep the activities lively so that people are looking forward to the next event which would be hosted. The Community Manager is the face of the company and links the customer to the company making them feel delighted to be a part of it.

This networking community can be leveraged by start-ups and established companies.  It is a thriving ecosystem where members support each other and help the community grow. A good Community always motivates people to come to enjoy their workspace and gives them a great opportunity to meet new people every day! Since the objective of the event is clear – enjoy and network, people can use this opportunity to create more social connections.

 If you ever happen to come around during the first Thursday of the month you are sure to hear and see us all enjoying together!

About the Author:


Sindhu Priya R is an aspiring millennial who wishes to travel the world to learn about different cultures and people. She has worked in multiple organizations and is currently interning at BHIVE workspace. 

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