The BHIVE Cafe and Lounge – An upcoming concept

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bhive cafe and lounge

The BHIVE Cafe and Lounge – An upcoming concept. When a working individual chooses to work from home, the first few thoughts that run on his mind is the availability of good internet and a quiet environment. But, most people are not fortunate enough to enjoy these amenities at home, leading to lack of productivity. Maybe it’s because they reside in a place that is situated on the main road. Slow internet speed, folks back home, television or they have kids at home. Another situation might be when your office is situated in an IT park which is kilometres away from the place of your stay? You would be spending half your day travelling back and forth office making you exhausted and less productive at work.

The BHIVE Cafe and lounge caters to all the requirements of the modern age business professional. It provides a workspace with the backdrop and amenities of not only a traditional Café but also with additional benefits that are not found elsewhere.

High-Speed Wi-Fi:

The working individual looks for a secured Wifi connection and an environment that is suitable for his work without any noise and the hustle and bustle of the surrounding. The connection provided is a high-speed network that gives the user an undisturbed and continuous service.

Pay Per Use:

You can use the space as per your requirement and not be burdened to pay for the entire day. The Café is on pay per need basis which becomes greatly beneficial for most users. They will not have to keep worrying about paying extra when they do not actually use the service. It is priced at nominal rates.

Delicious food and Unlimited Beverages:

BHIVE Cafe and lounge makes the customer comfortable and does not obligate them to order like the other traditional cafés’. They offer a wide range of food options with free coffee/tea/ and water options throughout the day.

Variety of seating:

The Cafe provides ergonomic chairs which avoids stress to the spine due to long work hours. Other relaxing seating options available are Lazy boy recliners, sofas and single chairs with extendable table tops and regular tables and chairs.

Productive Work Experience:

Well, one can say we can use a Starbucks or a Café Coffee day instead of the BHIVE Cafe. But what makes BHIVE Cafe and lounge stand out is the fact that a customer can stay as long as he wants with an undisturbed working experience. The outside noise can be a distraction while working. Hence, having a dedicated space with a suitable set-up helps in concentrating better while working.

Meeting Rooms and Printing Facilities:

These facilities are present in the Café itself to ensure individuals get an end to end workplace experience just sitting in the Café!

It is also located in the heart of the city (Bangalore) such as Residency Road, with a breathtaking view of the tall skyscraper outside and HSR S6. The sector is located right in the middle of the city’s startup hub. These new innovations encourage young entrepreneurs to not fear about investment in a workplace. This enables them when they are in their brainstorming phase and gives them an opportunity to network with like-minded people.

There is a famous saying by Victor Kiam. “Entrepreneurs Are Simply Those Who Understand That There Is Little Difference Between Obstacle and Opportunity And Are Able To Turn Both To Their Advantage.” So, by utilizing such services available at our disposal, we can make our day to day life easier.

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Sindhu Priya R is an aspiring millennial who wishes to travel the world to learn about different cultures and people. She has worked in multiple organizations and is currently interning at BHIVE workspace. 

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