It’s quite obvious why freelancers and start-ups simply love coworking spaces. It is amazing to work in an environment where you’re surrounded by diverse ideas and innovative minds. To your right, an enthusiastic start-up founder could be brainstorming with his team the best way to get their platform live on the cloud and in a conference room to the left, a large corporation could be sealing a million dollar deal.

Today, co-working spaces are not just the office location of freelancers and mid-sized companies, but also corporates with over a hundred employees. While, initially, this concept may have sprouted with the idea of giving a cost-effective, innovative environment to small teams, big corporates have a lot to gain from co-working spaces as well.

4 Reasons Why Big Corporates are Choosing Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces are designed to enable freelancers, start-ups and corporates to rent a seat, private office, or multiple offices for themselves and their employees. These co-working offices offer 24/7 access to the working area, WiFi, cafeterias, cafes, workout zones, entertainment spaces, and more (usually anything you would find at a large multi-corporation). All the benefits and amenities of a corporate building at a pay-per-use model is one major reason why corporates with many employees are opting to shift base to coworking offices.

Here’s why cowork spaces are increasingly becoming the first choice of corporates:

1. Enhanced Productivity

Hard work inspires hard work. At corporates, teams usually resonate with collective energy. They work hard together, take breaks together, or collaborate together. This ‘herd mentality’ is broken in a co-work environment where teams are surrounded by other individuals or teams hard at work.
With a simple change in setup, your organization can see a big gain in productivity, and without the need for HR intervention.

2. Cost-Effective Office Space

Usually, corporate businesses purchase or lease more space than they need because it is hard to figure out in advance how many new members will join in the next five years. It can also be a nightmare (or even impossible) to expand available space to accommodate new hires.
At a co-working space, this issue is resolved. With a pay-per-use model and flexible leasing solutions, the cost spent on extra space is eliminated because you only use the space you need. When your company hires new talent, you simultaneously expand office space by adding more offices/cubicles to your plan. This concept of flexible offices is a major cost saver for companies with many employees and those that are growing.
Furthermore, your company enjoys the added amenities at lower prices and with no maintenance hassle.

3. Exposure to Innovation

Co-working spaces drive growth and innovation, often because of the diversity in talent. The ability to find someone with the right skillset and quickly resolve issues your organization faces, fuels progress. This has a massive psychological effect on existing workforce, driving them to upskill.

4. Attract the Right Talent

Employees working in a healthy office ecosystem share their experience through word of mouth and social media. Positive feedback from employees is a brilliant brand builder which promotes your brand and reinforces it. This attracts skilled employees to your company, making it easier to grow.

5. Access to Creative and Diverse Talent

While your task force is certainly hired through careful screening, your team could find themselves void of ideas or experts at times. In a regular setup, this would call for publishing a job opening, screening prospects, conducting interviews, etc.
At a co-work space, this situation can easily be solved with a text message on the cowork forum. The advantage of working in a building occupied by diverse talent is the availability of diverse talent.

As far as employee convenience is concerned, co-working spaces have everything that big corporates need for working and functioning. So, pack your bags and make co-working your way of working.