Is there really a glass ceiling? Are women softer or tougher bosses?

We bring you frank and engaging answers to these and many more questions. Be prepared for some surprises!

All you wanted to know about the #Girlboss. For #SheTalks, a platform by BHIVE Workspace, dedicated to women in business to support, connect and inspire.



“Become a little less aware of your womanhood, enter the workspace as a professional on par with the others in the room. The glass ceiling is self-created”, Priti Sawant, Founder, and CEO, Joulestowatts Business Solution



“The glass ceiling definitely exists…a woman is viewed as a diversity candidate, not judged by her capability”, Lathika Pai, Managing Partner at Tekinroads Consulting LLP



“Diversity is somehow now synonymous with women, (but) there are other dimensions to having a diverse workspace. We also want to look at representation from Tier 2- Tier 3 cities… to be a successful entrepreneur today it’s not necessary to know English”, Shalini Prakash, Principal at 500 Startups



Hiring, promoting, firing – does your gender equip you with better skills?” asks Sandhya Mendonca, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and MD, Raintree Media



This article was first published on The Good City