Standard Tools

These facilities are up for offer to any individual or business that works out of BHIVE WorkSpaces.

  • Internet (High Speed Leased Line as primary & high speed broadband as backup).
  • Wi-Fi enabled premises.
  • Electricity with UPS backup.
  • Fresh Drinking Water.
  • Free unlimited Tea & Coffee.
  • Free usage of common areas (common balcony, discussion rooms & lounge).
  • Well-maintained toilets with toiletries.
  • Meeting rooms, Discussion rooms and Conference rooms are under the Policy of ‘Free to Use and Pay to Reserve’.

  • Full fledged kitchen with microwave, fridge & essential crockeries.
  • In-house security & maintenance staff.

Member Benefits

As a BHIVE member you are enabled with a plethora of tools to take your work to the next level. Here’s a list of member benefits:

  • Events specifically for networking with entrepreneurs and investor communities.
  • Easily grow your team without fixed costs of empty space.

  • Vibrant community at every stage of growth.
  • Register your company through BHIVE.
  • Members have the flexibility to work from any BHIVE – Residency Road, Koramangala, Indiranagar, HSR Layout Sector 6,   HSR Layout Sector 4, HSR Layout Sector 2.

  • Access to our growing, well-networked & collaborative community.
  • Ability to build your team through our network (co-founders, technical partners).
  • BHIVE members can work 20% of their time in other locations.
  • 50% discount on annual fees for QuickBooks.
  • MOU with IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. Free cloud credits for member.
  • Partnership with Amazon for AWS Activate Program benefits for BHIVE members.

Community benefits

The wholesome community of entrepreneurs, mentors and business evangelists at BHIVE present you the opportunity to receive more than just a space to work.

  • Discover and share knowledge with other members, mentors, entrepreneurs. There’s a constant flow of information, experience and learning at BHIVE.
  • Learn and teach the mores of business culture. Grow and become a part of a community of like-minded individuals and businesses.
  • All the long week, speakers, orators and lecturers impart precious insights and experiences that will alter your perception of work ethics and principles.
  • The people around you matter more than your environment. BHIVE WorkSpaces are the perfect hotspots to grow your network and meet interesting motivated individuals.
  • Be in company of those who’ve already made it big. Influential individuals walk in and out of BHIVE WorkSpaces every day. And making conversations with them is as simple as: Hello.
  • Work side by side with other ventures. Synergise. Collaborate and CoCreate with other businesses, and seek bigger opportunities.

Event benefits

The events choreographed at each of the workspaces are a goldmine of precious knowledge and insights that will amplify your perspective and outlook.

  • Be in company of the hungriest and most motivated business individuals.
  • Learn and interact with those who’ve made it big and are masters of their trade.
  • Listen and clarify your questions and curiosities from the wisest minds in the community.
  • Network and interact with the wholesome community that participate in various events hosted.
  • Events are the perfect platform to market your business and let the community feel your presence.

Current member list

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