Largest Co-working space in Bangalore.

BHIVE Workspace offers a complete gamut of office infrastructure as well as business building requirements.

Furnished Offices

Furnished Workspaces, Discussion Rooms, Lounge, Conference Rooms, Dedicated Desks, Hot Seats, Cabins and Balconies. All at your disposal.

Plug & Play Space

From superfast Wi-Fi to UPS to Beverages to Toilets to Microwaves to Security and Maintenance. All you do? Plug your devices and start playing.


Free counselling and advice from those who’ve made it big. Receive insights into the world of start-ups and businesses from entrepreneurs and managers.


Inspiring speeches and talks from business evangelists, investors, mentors and philanthropist to kindle and motivate your mind and heart.

What some of them have to say about BHIVE?

‘Two things, one — BHIVE connects the whole community together, two — a few days back we had BHIVE Bash and that was brilliant, you know, so there’s entertainment value, there’s connections, there’s a lot of scope of learning through BHIVE Sessions. So for us it’s a community puller.’
Malavika Velayanikal, India Editor, Tech in Asia
‘It’s very well organised, I would come there to cover an event or listen to a talk.’
‘It’s a great idea’ ‘It’s an idea which is more than necessary.’
The fact that you are there with like-minded people, that you’re not alone, you’re not doing it alone.’
‘Even if I’m just working over there, I can probably get exposed to more and more webinars, more and more events, even even informal parties are a very good method to break the ice, to get more and more people to interact with each other. So that’s one thing I believe that you know BHIVE is doing differently.’
‘I think it’s got the right bees in it’
‘I think education, efficiency and experience makes BHIVE buzz’
Vardhan Koshal, Country Manager, Udacity
‘We being a small team derive energy from the larger community around us. Working alongside hundred odd people in such a workspace fills us with a feeling of expanse, which in turn keeps us motivated; on a busy day, a good conversation with a fellow member works as a stress buster.’
Raju Shetty, CTO, NeoGrowth
‘This platform opens up your network and brings in energy and knowledge sharing with some of the brightest minds in the industry.’
Raghunandan G, Co-founder, Taxi For Sure
‘Being one of the early investors of BHIVE, I have witnessed exponential growth with them. The gap in the demand and supply for shared office spaces has been one of the key drivers for us.’
Prashant Pahade, Founder and CEO, Agumbe Technologies
‘As an Investor, I love their passion, integrity, commitment and vision, which are critical for a successful venture. I find tremendous positive energy in BHIVE Workspace, access to startup eco-system and the flexibility to scale up or scale down.’
‘They come in with an idea or an expertise – mostly unidimensional. They gain access to the community, events, workshops etc., eventually making them aware and equipped with skills essential to run a business.’
Adithya Kathpalia, Chief Evangelist, Excubator
‘Events at BHIVE not just brings knowledge and learning experiences from experts, but also becomes a platform for networking and collaborations. I have personally bumped into investors and made those connects at BHIVE events and thus see value in it.’

Our members, soon your co workers!

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